The EU Referendum was democracy in that one side scored more votes than the other. However, this is not a general election where we could vote for a change in five years. This was an enormous decision with far reaching effects in every section of our economy and society.

The Scottish referendum included any adult living in Scotland but not Scots living anywhere outside of Scotland. It was not fully inclusive of Scottish opinion and, as it affected the whole of the United Kingdom, it was widely felt that the whole of the UK should have voted, although perhaps with some weighting towards Scottish votes. Where they were modern was to realise it mostly affected future generations so 16/17 year olds were included.

75% of our under 25s want to stay in the EU yet our 16/17 year olds did not have a vote. That is fundamentally wrong and had Cameron included them, we would be jubilant today and he would still have a job.  Asked why this referendum matters to young people, Nick Clegg said,

“In a fairer world, we’d only give the vote to 16 – 24 year olds because the consequences will fall on their shoulders”

We have all the financial uncertainty and questions in our country but this has also triggered a negative, destabilising response across the EU. How is that going to help the poorer nations and the migrants crisis? Is there any way out of this? Can the young people rise up and make their voices heard, demand their representation, without violence?

What about Her Majesty? Is she going to allow this to happen or step in as supreme ruler of our kingdom before it is too late? Perhaps she is another senior citizen who is not thinking about her grandchildren. I wonder what our future kings think?

Then there is the percentage of the vote.  51.9% of the electorate voted to Leave but that is roughly 17 million of 68 million in our country ie 25%.  Is that democracy?  I think given the enormity there should have been a requirement for at least a clear 5% majority.  Clearly, not enough thought was given to the “what if” scenarios of the result.