I heard a Leave voter on LBC today saying she voted that way because she believed the message that £350 million would be paid back into the NHS and there would be more money for education and more jobs. She now knows this was a blatant lie and feels disgraced at voting the way she did. She fully supports a multi-cultural society, indeed her daughter is dating a black guy.

Making this vote about immigration was a Fascist ticket and I too believe that the vast majority are more tolerant and inclusive. Yet there have been over 400 cases of race crime since the result, up from the usual 60-80 per week.  The rise of UKIP has been ugly. Unfortunately, my 15 year old son tells me what some of his classmates believe so they must be fed this filth by their chav parents with two council estates within the catchment area. The teachers have a hard job teaching tolerance and inclusion within a very small window of time on a crowded timetable.

Michael Gove, as Education Secretary, removed GCSE Psychology and Sociology because apparently teaching teenagers about people and society is not as important as STEM subjects. Yes, STEM subjects are important but we do not all need to know the details to live successfully in society as adults.  Teaching comparative religions and morals in Ethics & Philosophy has also been sidelined in my son’s school and history is optional post 14. For me these should be core subjects, vital to engendering tolerance and multi-cultural co-habitation.  When you decide that learning about prisms of light, non-ferrous metals and vectors is more important that understanding what other people think and believe, it is no surprise that 58% voted to Leave in Portsmouth and 62% in Havant.

All the tabloid newspapers supported Leave.  They are easy to read with lots of photos and cost 20p-80p.  Compare these to the intelligent press with reasoned discussions for £1-£2.40.  The tabloids feed the sort of language which incites xenophobia and racism:

Daily Express racist headlines

Daily Express: “Migrants make mugs of us all”, “We must stop the migrant invasion”, “Britain must ban migrants” – Disgraceful.

No wonder we have heard stories this week of Polish children in school being told to go home, children who were born here!

What is happening to our country?  I am not sure that I recognise it any more.