Since we woke up to the dreadful news that somehow Britain had voted to Leave the EU, life has not been the same and I wonder whether it ever will be.  I still feel dazed, in shock and so, so upset.  I am literally heartbroken.

Last Friday, the PM who had called this referendum, David Cameron, resigned.  I was angry with him at the time for walking out, abandoning us to the mess his decision had caused.  Since then I have watched him, the statesman that he is, doing his best to lead Parliament and find the best solution for the country he loves.  I know that inside he too is broken.

This was never meant to happen.  Cameron wanted to appease the Eurosceptic right-wingers in his party but somehow the scripts were mixed up.  We should have shown the arrogant Nigel Farage that whilst he has his supporters, this country is not his to overrun with his racist and rude opinions.  Farage on his own was not a votes winner.  He needed support to spearhead the campaign.  In that he found Boris Johnson, the Etonian boy groomed to be a future PM, just waiting in the wings after his eight years as Mayor of London.  Now Boris is clever and he realised that fellow Etonian Cameron would not have the support of the masses.  He saw this as his chance to walk triumphantly into No.10.  Boris does not really want us to leave the EU, he was pro-Europe in earlier speeches, indeed in one he even said how he could not wait for the “great moment” when the two halves of the Roman Empire “are at  last reunited in an expanded European Union” in a documentary he made for the BBC.

Yet tonight, Boris Johnson is in disgrace, licking his wounds and confirmed as not standing in the Tory party leadership contest.  For the first time in a week I laughed, really laughed.  The main who lied and change his support as part of his plan to win the top job has been exposed as a career politician who even put his country  to ransom for his ambitions.  This is one holy Eton Mess.

I tweeted that we should take him to the Tower of London, via Traitors Gate and hang him.

I have always liked Boris, who doesn’t with his incredible charisma?  But this man will go down in history as the man who caused a constitutional crisis, lost billions of our wealth and plunged the UK and indeed the world into uncertainty.  Confidence is falling and we could fall into recession.

George Osbourne, our Chancellor, was on target to achieve his goal of wiping out our budget deficit.  All his work will have been wiped out by this most contemptuous of men, Boris Johnson.  Osbourne too was expected to stand in the leadership but decided that he was not the man to bring unity.

Boris’s side-kick in the Leave campaign, Michael Gove, who was supposed to back him in the hope of one of the top jobs, possibly Chancellor, has stabbed him in the back , declared Boris unfit to lead and offered himself into the leadership battle.  This is the man who said in 2012, that he could not and would not stand for PM.

Then there is Jeremy Corbyn, the nice Marxist who calls himself the Labour Leader.  172 to 40 of his MPs declared no confidence in him after nearly all of his Shadow Cabinet resigned and yet he sits there stubbornly, saying he has the mandate of his party members.  That may be the case but in Parliament his job is to provide effective leadership of the Opposition and that he is failing to do.  In fact today Nicola Sturgeon, leader of the Scottish Nationalist Party, said that the SNP should now take on the mantle of the Opposition as they are clearly united.

Amidst all this, Tim Farron, leader of the Liberal Democrats, has spoken of his heartbreak but said we must seek a future for the UK within the EU.  He has made UK’s membership of the EU the top policy for the party manifesto and is building strength in the party for the autumn General Election which many believe will come.  Since Friday morning, 12,000 new members have joined the party no doubt seeking for a way to remain in the EU and looking to Tim to find a way.  He says if we must leave, then we need to find a new model and he believes the Norwegian one to be the best although it will cost us more to achieve the same as we already have.  That is what the Remain campaign kept saying when people talked of Norway, Switzerland, Iceland and other one foot in models without full membership.

It has been a long week but I think tonight I might sleep more soundly knowing that Boris has had his just reward.