When Michael Gove, the pro-Brexit Justice Secretary, was told by Faisal Islam of Sky News that “the leaders of the US, India, China, Australia, every single one of our allies, the Bank of England, the IFS, IMF, the CBI, five former Nato secretary generals and the Chief Executive of the NHS” were all against Britain’s exit, the response was remarkable.

“I think the people of this country have had enough of experts”.

Faisal Islam was understandably dumbfounded by such a stupid statement from a very intelligent man.

Michael Gove is jointly culpable for Brexit, for the sharp decline in the value of the Pound, the dramatic losses in our investments and pension funds and the fall in our credit rating.  Now while some of these short term responses may be corrected in the short term, that does not help businesses today with higher cost for importing of materials and services, nor holiday makers who  will have 8€ or 11 € less per £.

It was widely expected that Boris Johnson would be the clear favourite to stand as PM and Michael Gove would be his running mate but Gove’s wife, Sarah Vine, “accidentally” leaked an email, destined for him, to a member of the public advising him to be absolutely sure that Boris promised him a top job before lending his support.  The next day, Gove, despite all his previous assurances since 2012 that he would not and could not stand as PM, went back on his word and stood for election.  Boris responded by not standing.

Michael Gove is not to be trusted.  There is an expression, which is surprisingly from Gavin Esler in “A Scrupulous Man” and not Shakespeare, so often the author of our favourite expressions:

“He who wields the knife rarely inherits the crown”.

Michael Gove is one of the Gang of Three (Farage-Johnson-Gove) who duped the public with falsehoods regarding the information on which millions of people based their Remain/Leave vote.  Although they thought the public would vote Remain, they are responsible for the constitutional mess that the country finds itself in and the knock-on effect to our European partners and indeed, the worldwide economy.  Although there are suggestions that a Brexiteer should lead the country in negotiations post triggering Article 50, there is no way that Gove should be rewarded with the glittering prize.  He deceived the country and our memories will not be short.

Furthermore, with the reforms Michael Gove made as Education Secretary, he is widely hated by teachers and parents of children who will sit GCSE from 2017 onwards – including my son.  If the Tories choose Gove as their leader, they are unlikely to win in a General Election.  By all means Tories, choose the man with the bloody dagger.

PS Does anyone else think he sounds like Michael McIntyre?