For everyone who voted Leave to kick the foreigners out, ie the ones we vitally need to support many growth industries eg farming, hospitality, construction, social care (yes, I watched the two hour Select Committee on the Labour Market after Brexit with industry experts talking to Conservatives from DWP) plus of course the NHS, this should also deeply worry you.

Britain is building a new nuclear power station at Hinckley Point yet by leaving the EU, we shall also be leaving Euratom, the EU agency responsible for nuclear safety and security.

We also need to know whether the UK will leave:
1. Europol – shares policing intelligence
2. Eurojust – coordinates investigation and persecution of serious crime and terrorism
3. European Medicines Agency – regulates quality, safety and provision of medicines across EU (your life might depend on one of these) and 6 months ahead of Canada and Oz
4. European Aviation Safety Agency – self-explanatory
5. European Food Safety Agency – eg USA wash chickens in chlorinated water and inject beef with growth hormones which are not allowed in Europe

Whatever made you vote Leave, there are plenty more valid reasons to vote Remain. Write to your MP before it’s too late. Ask for assurances that this government will not leave us out in the cold when we currently enjoy so much protection.