There are so many reasons why Brexit is wrong for the UK. Having optimism of negotiating good deals is all very well but it won’t happen in the time frame. Many Tory voters will be fine IN or OUT but I feel sorry for all the SMEs who have built up good businesses with EU businesses that support their families and the supply chain around them. So many face uncertainty now with possible closure and all because the government want to look after their supporters who will profit from new deals. The hard-up Northerners who were persuaded to vote Leave by the right wing tabloids have been duped by multi-millionaires like Daily Mail’s Paul Dacre and MP Jacob Rees-Mogg. It is they who will suffer financially, not the millionaires. So many industries need migrant workers. I could go on but won’t.

Voting against Article 50 is not a lack of respect for the 37% minority of the population who actually voted for this monumental mistake. It is about saying, “I wholeheartedly believe this is wrong for the country now and in the future and I am prepared to stand by my conscience rather than blindly follow a leader for the sake of my career”. 

People complain about lying, opportunistic politicians so let’s congratulate these for their integrity.

History will judge the spineless who will have to explain to future generations why they knowingly destroyed, or at least completely changed the direction, character and values of this nation for the worst and maybe split the Kingdom.