On Friday 24 June 2016, I woke up to my worst nightmare.  51.9% of the British electorate had voted for the UK to leave the EU.

I don’t think anyone ever believed it would really happen.  British people don’t like change and when faced with the stark choice, “Do you think that Britain should remain a member of the European Union or Leave?”, chances are people would quietly vote to Remain.

Something went wrong.  Now we are looking at dismay in strangers wondering which way they voted.  We are told that the older generation predominantly voted to Leave whilst 75% of the 18-25 year olds voted to stay.  We hear that many Brexit supporters only wanted a protest vote, to oust Cameron, but they never meant to cause Britain’s exit from the EU.  Brexit has created a crisis.  Our Prime Minister, David Cameron, resigned within hours to take effect in October and the main Vote Leave protagonist, Boris Johnson, is tipped to take over.  At first I thought Cameron was spineless to resign but on reflection, Boris caused this mess so let him sort it out.  His campaign was based on lies which they now accept cannot be fulfilled.

I personally have experienced the stages of grief: shock, denial, anger but not acceptance.  Acceptance to me would mean accepting defeat.  I feel I must do something.  I had already been campaigning on Facebook and Twitter so I continued to post and tweet.  I don’t want to drive my friends mad so thought it was time to move to a blog.  Here I am.